Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Using a video clip for our writing.

Today we watched a video clip -(thank you Miss Leigh and Miss Robinson for sharing your ideas) We are very proud of our stories.

As I entered the burnt house I looked around. I saw loads of
ash around the room. I shone the torch around. I saw a kitten. I thought it was dead for a minute. I carefully carried it out. I put an oxygen mask on the kittens face then I poured water on the terrified kitten to cool it down. My heart was beating really fast. I was shocked when I saw the grey kitten jump around like a frog. The kitten was lucky that it survived in the fire. The kitten was so cute.


As I walked through the door I heard my alarm go off so I raced down to the fire station and got on my suit. Then I went to the fire. The house was all burnt down and when I went inside I saw a person lying on the floor so I picked her up and took her outside. I put oxygen on so she could breathe. She came alive. I was so tired after it.

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