Sunday, 31 May 2015

Look who Jamie brought to school.

Here is Jamies first ever attempt at writing straight onto the blog. Well done Jamie.

Jamie and his ingse.thisming I fawned a ingsed. It wos on my step Dads weyall. Miss Whyte gavme a cntanu to put the insed in.

Jamie and  his insect.

This morning I found an insect on my Step Dad's wheel. Miss Whyte gave me a container to put the insect in


  1. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for showing us the pictures of your stick insect on the room 6 blog. Molly was not there on Friday, so she would have missed it.
    From Molly's Dad

  2. What a great insect to bring in to school, I have not seen one quite like that before. Thank you for sharing this. From Sharon ( Emily's mum)