Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Lily's adventures at home

In the weekend I played with my new kitten and she is  so silly but fun to play with. Sometimes she
sneaks in to my bedroom because she is so sneaky. I did not like it. I had to get out of bed to 
tell my mum or dad, then it was morning. I had to get out of bed so I could watch some
tv and have breakfast too. I was watching Doc McStuffins. Then we all got dressed. 
We went to McDonalds.  I had a burger  Happy Meal and  chips too.

By Lily


  1. Lily, thank you for sharing your story about your new kitten. Did she sneak into your bed? That would have given me such a fright!

  2. Fantastic story Lily! I love kittens, but they can be super sneaky!