Monday, 23 March 2015

Jacobs story

 Monday we travelled from Christchurch to Auckland and on the way i saw a big volcano out the window. Then we flew from Auckland to nadi fiji. Then we got onto a big boat to plantation island. The  first thing we done was went for a swim. They have three big swimming pools. Tuesday we went on the island hopper tour on a boat called Rider. We went to mana island first where we seen some tusrtles and went snorkling and seen lots of different tropical fish then we got back on the boat  and  went to castaway island  wehe  the movie castaway was made we had a yummy lunch  and went  for a big walk arowd the island then we hopped back on the boat and stopped at mololo island on the way back  to plantation island wedsday we went to a village on mololo island  called shell village on a big boat with lots of ather people we took some books and Pens and pensils for the children of the village because they haven't got much at all we had to do the kave.


  1. Love your story Jacob.. Jacobs Mum!

  2. Wow Jacob, what a fantastic story! It sounds like you had a great time in Fiji!