Tuesday, 3 March 2015

check out these 3

Today was the first wet day we have had in a while. We looked out the window and brainstormed what we could see. 
Check out Liam and his writing who used words such as 'massive' in his writing and sounded it out!

And Oli  who wasn't too happy with Miss Whyte when she kept asking him questions to write the next sentence but was very happy when he realised he had written 3 sentences.

And proud as punch Kahn who was using the robot to work out some of his words and got very excited when it worked!

All three boys had the same learning intention of writing 3 sentences and all achieved this today. I am super proud of you all. I was really impressed at the way many of you went back to the window to see what else you could write. You are all stars in my eyes!!!


  1. Awesome work Liam, Oli and Kahn!
    -Oli's Mum

  2. Great work boys ... Very proud of you all
    Kahn's Mum

  3. Awesome work Liam, Oli and Kahn
    ... Kahn's Mum

  4. Awesome work Liam, Oli and Kahn very proud of your hard work :)
    ... Kahn's Mum