Monday, 4 August 2014


In Room 4 we spent the first two weeks of term learning about probability. It was fun coming up with other words instead of Yes, No, Maybe and we had lots of laughs talking about things that may be in the classroom. One day we looked at the story the Gingerbread Man and had to sort out what the Gingerbread Man saw. We all wanted to make Gingerbread Men so firs we had to design what decorations we would put on it and then try to decorate to the plan. Which heading would you give our masterpieces - CERTAINLY... COULD BE... YOUR DREAMING!


  1. I really liked making the ginger bread man, we had fun from Nova H

  2. Yummo, i don;t know how you didn't eat these before they were photographed!

  3. Cool gingerbred man

    Room 17 Daniel

  4. Wow they look so yummy.. i wish i was there to make them.

  5. Hi room 4
    The Gingerbread Man look good.I bet you all had fun doing that.
    When did you do it?