Monday, 24 February 2014


Here is our Journey to come up with our finished product…
Our first session was a trip to the garden. This was because Luka had been to the garden to dig some spuds. As a class we wanted to see where he had found them so he took us over to tell us about it.

When we got back to class we discovered Mrs O was not very happy because she could not find enough strawberries for her pav.

The question was asked what we could do to keep the birds away. We talked about what our scarecrow could look like and what we would need after we had googled scarecrows and looked at some pictures. As we were writing our list of what we would need, Will asked why would we use straw/hay when the birds use it to make their nests? A fantastic question that we didn’t know the answer to so we talked about what else we could use.

Charlotte suggested we use CD’s because she had brought a bird scarer at PREP and it kept the birds away from her garden. We were a bit worried about how many CD’s we would use and so thought about what else we might have at home that we could use. The idea of using cans came up and so we looked up again on google to see if we could make it out of cans. Nova W was very excited about this as she told us all we would be reducing, reusing and recycling. Adison had been thinking about this and agreed it would be a good idea as the cans would clang in the wind and scare the birds. She was able to show us pretending to be a scarecrow what would happen.

We voted and decided that this is what we would do. For home learning we had to bring in an empty, clean can.

Miss Whyte brought in a couple of bigger cans, we found them and decided they could be used for the body and the head. Riley’s brother had brought in some springs and the neck day Riley had one that we could use as the neck.


When we had a number of cans we talked about how we would put them together. It was suggested that we use string but then we remembered the birds would use that for their nests as well so we decided we could use wire.

We set to work drilling. Everyone had a turn and we discovered that you had to hold the can tightly or it would spin around. We put 6 holes in the cans using an electric drill.

During reading Gage found a picture in a gardening book of a tin can scarecrow and we read about how they put the cans together.

To make it colourful, Millah brought in some house paint because we didn’t want the paint washing off in the rain. We had to be very careful not to get it anywhere except for on the can. Some students had to sit down because they were being silly with the paint but luckily we did not have too many accidents with it.

Then we set to work putting the cans together. This was a lot harder than we thought but we all tried and then some people who were really good at it finished them off. They had to work out how long to make the legs.

One of our home learning activities had been to draw and label what they thought would make a great scarecrow. We looked at the pictures student had drawn to see if we could put any of their ideas onto our scarecrow.

Allie and Charlotte brought in some old watering cans but they wouldn’t balance so  we used a bucket because our scarecrow didn’t have a hat.

We weren’t sure how to put the spring on because it didn’t balance very well and would have been blown over in the wind. Miss Whyte asked Jill and luckily she knew someone that could help. It was a lot harder than we had thought!

On judging day we went to attach the legs which we had wired together but unfortunately they kept falling over. Miss Whyte stepped in then and used thicker wire.

And her it is our scarecrow....

It was looking a bit lonely so we thought we would join it!

We were very modest when it was announced in assembly we had won for Team A's overall  and also creative. We enjoyed Mrs O's pav

On Friday afternoon we got creative with Room 1

Miss Whyte thinks we are all pretty clever and creative!


  1. WOW Room 4! Your scarecrow looks amazing and you really deserved that Pav!

  2. We have really enjoyed looking at my friends and me on the blog. mum is helping me to write this! It is our first blog - EVER!
    My little brother Miro liked the scarecrow photos. Love from Nova Washer.

  3. I loved drilling the tins.