Monday, 24 February 2014

Our very special visitor!

Miss Whyte brought into class a branch off her swan plant. It had a big caterpillar on it that had gone into a 'J' shape which meant it would go into it's chrysalis soon.We where lucky enough to see it happen!

 On Monday when we pulled the curtain back and discovered that our chrysalis had hatched but where was the butterfly? We looked all around the class and finally found it thanks to Arli's eagle eye.
 It looked like it was trying to escape as it was up on the window ledge by the door.
 It kept opening and closing it's wings. We knew that it was probably drying its wings or that it was trying to get away from all the noise in the classroom!!! When we were quiet it kept its wings out. Perhaps it was trying to escape but the window was stopping it?
After lunch we decided that it wasn't fair to keep it in the classroom so we took it over to the garden to let it go. It took a while - perhaps it liked being part of Room 4.

If you look very carefully you will see where it flew to - hopefully to lay some eggs.


  1. How lucky you are Room 4 to have a beautiful butterfly in your classroom. I wonder if the butterfly flew into our school garden? It is well hidden in the tree but I did spot it eventually!
    Last week we learnt about the respiratory system. I wonder if butterflies breathe the same way we do. Investigate and let me know what you found out.

  2. Room 4 it looks like you have been doing lots of fun learning in your class